Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Dino Museum

 In Frankfurt, about five minutes walking from the Messe area, there's the Senckenbergishe Museum for Natural History.  It's a five-star afternoon....worth visiting.

To get there?  Take U4 from the Frankfurt city train station to the first stop....the Messe.  Walk out and west on the Friedrich-Ebert Strasse. Then catch the Senckenberganlage north.  It's on the left side of the street.

You will come to notice the T-Rex in the park as you approach the building.  Yeah, he's wearing the jersey for the local Frankfurt soccer club.

The fee?  Eight Euro to enter for adults.

Figure around three to four hours to really tour the entire place.

There is a coffee shop and beer spot up on the top floor....which I'd heavily endorse as a spot to rest half-way through the walk of the place.

For a kid, it's simple walk and you tend to ask questions.    There's a guide or two around....who have a working knowledge of English.

The displays?  About as good as it gets.

I'd suggest to avoid the place on weekends....when tourists tend to pile in.

Walking out?  Well....if you continued north for a block and look west, you can just start to see Leipzig Strasse in the distance.  If you did have a hunger, and a decent thirst....this shopping district is four-star and you can get a good quick dinner at any of twenty different operations.

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