Thursday, August 18, 2016

Old Lindsey Air Station

For the past couple of weeks, I've been taking a class over at what was the old Lindsey Air Station of Wiesbaden.  It was turned over in 1993, and the city spent a couple of years in renovation and re-design of the 'neighborhood'.

Today, if you walk over what was existing in the early's a different a urbanized landscape against some buildings of late 1800s character, and twenty-odd buildings of a modern design.  Trees everywhere, with carefully designed shrubbery.

The street names from the old Air Station mostly remain.....a couple of the streets did get renamed.

The football field and baseball area is still around.

If you were grading on re-usage.....I'd give them a 'ten' for efforts.  A couple of the buildings shifted over to commercial use.  A lot of the newer buildings put into place are apartment or condo buildings.  Tree cover is virtually everywhere.

Reminders of the base?  Other than the football field, two statues, and the street really wouldn't know that the US military ever had a base there.

Checking out the area?  My advice is to take the #8 bus from mid-town area and it'll drop you by the VHS facility (6-min ride).  From there, you can walk the whole perimeter of the old base.

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John Galloway said...

In the late 60s, I worked at Lindsey for about a year before my unit moved to Schierstein. My wife taught 3rd grade there for 2 years. I was very impressed by Lindsey. It hardly felt like a military base. I was also impressed by the library. It was quite extensive for such a small base.