Friday, August 19, 2016

Photo Collection from Lindsey AS Today

 Most of what's on the installation that has been converted....won't be recognized.

Like in the photo to the right, this is a new condo-apartment building built on the west end of the old installation.  Note, it is highly upscale and lots of design added to it.

Several of the older buildings are as they looked in the 1970s or 1980s....with almost no change except for a few new shrubs or trees planted around them.

The baseball and football field.....still intact for the most part.

At the end of the outfield....there's a big huge apartment-like building going up with a underground parking lot.

One of the things you do notice is that there is a fair amount of underground parking the new structures erected on the old installation.  There was never a lot of parking and they've solved this with the underground parking.

Street names?  I'd say half stayed as they were and half flipped over to some international recognition.

Recycling cans?  There's probably 300 around the old installation today, at least three for each building (paper, regular and plastic).

The blitz camera?  Yeah, it's surprising that they erected this on the old main drag of the station.  It's a 30 kph street and I doubt if they get more than five or six photos per week....max.  Pure waste of a speed camera.

Bus stops?  There's probably five or six around the three corners of the area, and a major stop out on big street, next to KFC.

What you are left with is a highly designed urban area that people probably would be very happy to live in this neighborhood.  It's within walking distance of downtown, and they really pumped up the landscaping of the area.

In essence, it's got charm now.

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