Sunday, August 7, 2016

Prep'ed to be Mentally Ill?

Around two weeks ago, I picked up the topic of mental illness....when various public uses of the term "mental illness" was used with the Munich shooter, the Ansbach guy, and the nutcase on the train in Germany.

Cops and journalists have used the term "mental illness" to help explain things rather than use religious behavior or jihadism.

So, after a fair amount of reading....I've come to this method of detaching yourself from reality and becoming a mental illness participant.  Yes, you can volunteer or pump yourself up, and on your can be mentally ill.

So, the basic ways?

1.  You start with illogical thinking.  Whatever the norm is....dump it.  Trusting people?  Dump that and regard people as part of the threat against you.  Living a normal life?  Dump that want some thrill-by-the-minute lifestyle.  Planning and constructing a stable lifestyle?  Dump that want an unstable life, which is probably short in duration.

2.  Don't worry about concentration or memory.  Smoke as much pot as you want......don't worry about things going on which ought to be remembered in some won't be around long enough to enjoy them.  Concentration is for losers.

3.  Change your sleep schedule.  Stay up to 2AM or 3AM before going to sleep.  Limit yourself to four to five hours per day.  Sleep is irrational and not necessary for a mentally ill person.  Cram thoughtless chatter and music into the late hours to keep you awake and focused....well.....focused on something of an unproductive nature.

4.  Withdraw from family or friends.  A true mentally ill person needs to capitalize on reflection upon themselves, and only upon themselves.  Don't let silly friend come over and chatter about their car problem, or let your sister get all hyped to chat over some lesbian feeling she's got, or allow your neighbor to come over and talk about their marvelous trip to Buffalo, NY.

5.  Quit sports, school, social attachments, night-clubbing, etc.  A social life is for losers, at least by mental illness standards.

6.  Be suspicious of everyone.  If they show up at the door worried about your strange behavior or change in attitude.....tell them you've got the plague, or some snake loose in the apartment.  You need to worry about everyone....bus-drivers, coffee gals at Starbucks, Piggly Wiggly cashier ladies, etc.  All of them are seeking to rationalize you and charm you back to reality.  Don't let them get away with it.

7.  Get disconnected.  You aren't part of this society, so don't let any part of life or culture draw you into some fake connection in life.  Stay disconnected.

8.  Find other losers and mentally ill people like yourself.  The more associates that think along the same lines.....the attached you will be to maintaining your mental illness.  Even if they talk about demons, curses, and voo-doo like behavior.....stick with them.

9.  Stick with odd behavior.  If you can find some weird religious stuff to get all peppy and hyper about, that will help to make you different and help achieve some status in the world of the mentally ill.

10. Stay away from stress management or mental illness specialists.  They will only detract from your purpose in life.  Find people are who are pro-mental illness and hype the advantages of staying mentally ill.  If you can find mental illness specialists who are naive and stupid.....thinking its swell for you to be mentally ill....stick with them (they will be your good friend).

For me to believe this is a regularly acceptable thing, I'd have to believe that most German leaders really drill down into this idea and accept mental illness of this type as being just a regular part of life.  When you climb on a bus, or hop on a train....the idea of five or six nutcases being there and having some thrill of killing you today....just doesn't seem light up their brain power.

Course, you could go and just say the killer was all pumped up over his religion, and then some Germans would start to ask why people get this stupid, and why this has to be some goal in life.  At that point, you'd have to explain some things, which Germans probably didn't know anything about, and then they start to ask safety and sanity questions.....mostly over your sanity as a leader and why things have gotten this screwed up.  Well....anyway, just my humble opinion about mental illness.

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