Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Be Gone, Satan Story

They buried this Catholic priest from Normandy....Father Jacques Hamel....the one killed by the two Islamic idiots....yesterday.

The odd thing that came up in the word's by the bishop doing the talking was the final words of Father Hamel as his attackers were killing him: “Be gone, Satan!”.

It would appear in his final moments, that Father Hamel recognized both gentlemen as being affected by some that they needed an exorcism.  No one says if Father Hamel had done any exorcisms in his life.  My guess, upon the words mentioned.....he'd done a couple.....maybe more than a couple.

Catholics tend to be in this practice of spiritual evict demons from a person or building.  There is some written ceremony.....long list of oaths....and a kind of command for the demons to depart.

I asked a Catholic guy about twenty years ago over (I'm from Alabama so I have this natural tendency to be curious about things like this).  He said it's a 50-50 deal.  Half of all Catholics think it's all bogus.  Half of all Catholics think it's absolutely real.  He said the belief-in-demons crowd will recognize some event in a a dude being demonized.  My associate felt there were too many nuts in the world, and 99-percent weren't really demonized.  That final I asked....he wasn't that sure about.

Three years ago, I got into reading up on all this Islam business.  They also have exorcisms (believe it or not).

It's called Ruqya.

Basically it works the same got some demon in you triggered by black magic or Sihr.  There's around ten different forms of Sihr or black magic triggered by least the Islam guys say this.

1.  Some kinda sudden conflict between a husband and wife.  If this is real swift, this can only be explained by a demon (not a stupid act by the husband like most German wives would note).

2.  Sexual weakness.  If you got 'issues', then there's probably a demon involved.  Rather than taking a blue need the demon knocked out.

3.  Disturbed feelings for an upcoming marriage.  Demons trigger anxiety and fright. You need to knock them out.

4.  Women's periods.  Black magic is at work....triggering these to occur, and you need to knock these demons out, or wait four days for some unexplained miracle to occur.

5.  Pains in your body.  These are caused by black magic and demons as well.  You can knock these demons out or visit a doctor.

6.  Hearing voices.  Typically, it means you are going crazy, but with the demon need to knock them out.

7.  Mind issues (depression, moody nature, headaches, anti-social, etc).  These are all caused by demons and need to be knocked out.

8.  Getting insane.  Demon issue....they need to be knocked out.

9.  Seeing things which just aren't there.  Demon-generated.

10.  Love being manipulated.  This is a pretty broad category....but anything that appears out of the norm and involves a woman.....has to involve demons.

Now, the Islamic method of doing Demons is pretty simple.  You follow the al-Tibb al-Nabawi method.....having the individual lay down while a religiously strong individual places a hand on the guy's head and recites some verses from teh Quran.  Oddly, there is water involved as the Catholic method, but this is supposed to come via the Zamsam Well (spring water from Mecca).  Although you can use certain non-alcohol perfume-like substances (probably only bought via Mecca sources as well).  Like the Catholic method, you utter some words of help from God, and recite some prayers.

Hopefully at this point.....the jinn or demons or unseen beings.....are gone.

I'm kinda guessing that some Catholics are looking at the comments made by the dead Father, and starting to think along the lines that a heck of a lot of folks are demonized, and there needs to be a bunch of exorcisms conducted.....across various lines.

Do I take any of this serious?  No.

Some idiot can claim he's all demonized, but in my invoke some killing need to be bat-shi*-crazy. (the highest level of crazy).  Either through enough drugs, or hyped up on weird religious've gotten yourself stupid enough to believe just about anything.

In the end, you have two nutcase guys who were crazy enough to walk into some church and kill off some old priest....without much thought or view of their lives.  Losers....for the most part.

But in his final moments, the priest identified both as possessed.  So you just sit there and wonder....might he have been right?

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