Friday, August 19, 2016

Turkey and the Americans

Today, this odd item popped up with US and Turkey news.....the Russians and the Turks are in this friendly phase again.

Russia has approached Turkey for access to Incirlik Air the south of the country, which is a joint US-Turk installation.

The idea here is that with new relations between Turkey and Russia.....and both going at the Syrian war only makes sense to deploy a squadron of Russian fighters there at Incirlik and use that as an attack point.

For the US....I can imagine all the generals around the Pentagon circle sitting there and shaking their heads.  The Russians will ask for full privileges and maybe even request usage of some the American facilities.....with pressure put upon the Americans by the cooperate.


Putin has played the whole Syrian war chessboard for the past year and made some smart moves.  Presently, because of the bad relationship with Europe.....Erdogan has to find some new friendly source for trade and tourism.  It makes sense in that way.

What would happen?  My guess is that the Americans would hope that this is a six-month situation and the Russians leave.  The Russians would ensure that this turns into a long-term situation and still be there a year later.....maybe even two years later.   You can sense.....this is bound to turn into a pretty bad situation sooner or later.

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