Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Karl Marx Strasse Story

Late this week in Germany.....Wolfgang Steiger of the CDU Economic Council (the chief guy of the council) got into an interview with a BILD reporter.  He eventually came around to this topic that he declared some support for.  BILD gave him roughly 12 lines of coverage.....which is hype if you think about the typical 10 lines they write on some subjects.

Across Germany, there are approximately 500 to 600 streets named for Karl Marx, who has been dead for about 150 years.

Karl....was mostly a philosopher, economist, and journalist.  It's safe to say that his stability and income in life....came from running a couple of small newspapers that harped mostly on his favorite topic in life.....communism.

In his vision....a bunch of guys could produce work.....get an income of some sort, a roof over their head, and live a decent life.  It's never a complete picture on how you get from A to B to C, but something good would happen in the end.

What the CDU economics guy.....Wolfgang Steiger....suggested in this that it's time for the national government of Germany to dump all these Karl Marx Streets.

He didn't go into any detail about how this would happen (reminding you somewhat of how Karl built up his reputation).  Woflgang simply says that we don't need this reminder around about Karl Marx, who he more or less.....was deemed a failure.

What would they rename the streets?  Unknown.  Maybe Merkel Strasse.

On the priority list?  Well.....out of the 500 problems confronting Germany today.....I'd rate this around 8,558 on the list.  I'd actually like to ensure every apartment in Germany has a toilet within the apartment.....before renaming some streets.

In an election year?  Well....yeah....we are entering twelve months in Germany of election chaos, where some political folks will say some stupid things....for a headline.

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