Friday, August 26, 2016

Where All This Ban-the-Burqa Talk Will Go

For three weeks in Germany, there's been talk of banning the burqa.  It gets some traction, but this week.....there was push-back.

The intellectual argument against the ban is that once you write this script for the'll also affect anyone who wears a mask, include Santa Claus characters.

I noticed a state-run TV poll done on German perception of the possible ban.  Eighty-one percent of German society are against the burqa facial covering.  That means at best....only 19-percent support the burqa and allowing the covering to stand in place.

Presently, I'd say it's a zero percent chance that ban will be passed by this Bundestag group.

But as the intellectuals continue this fight, you come to realize that it's helping to trigger one end-result.

The longer that this ban-the-burqa discussion goes on and the Bundestag avoids passing gives the alternate party (the AfD folks) a five-star discussion item.

As much as the opposition parties think they are doing the ethical and right's increasing the amount of frustration across the general public in Germany.....helping attract voters to the AfD.  It's not really about this election in 2017 that the general politicians should worry's 2021's election that people should be viewing.

As each argument occurs over the ban, and the political parties waste time pretending to discuss the matter and then put it just moves the frustration level of the public up one notch.  When people start to worry in 2018 and 2019 that one-third of German society identifies with AfD by that point, the question will be.....what did we do wrong?  At that point, there is no ability to reverse or fix perceptions.

As much as one sees logic in avoiding radical law changes in's a difficult road ahead.

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