Friday, August 26, 2016

Santa, Burqas, and German Intellectuals

The debate will rage in Germany over the next couple of weeks as the burqa ban is discussed within political networks, forums and public arenas.

At some point, Santa Claus and his outfit will be brought up by the intellectuals to defend stopping the burqa debate and just accept the outfit as a part of "new" cultures in Germany.

So I've asked myself.....did Santa integrate into Germany?

When did Santa arrive?  Most historians give the date 6 December 342....when Saint Nicolas is said to have died, and some celebration or gift period was established.  The 16th century is given by some people as the period where it was generally accepted across Europe.

Santa and integration?  Santa learned German.  No one ever tested the guy.....but he's probably way above the 2,1 level required by the German visa folks.

Orientation and knowledge of the Basic Law (German constitution)?  Santa wasn't tested on this but I'm pretty sure that he knows all of this to some level.  He also knows who has been naughty and nice.

Santa and fake passports?  As far as I know.....Santa has never been tasked to show a passport.  The customs people may swear that he's cross the Austrian border into Germany on hundreds of occasions but so one has thought to ask and make him show some passport.

Santa and weapons?  As far as I knives, no rifles, no explosives, or such.  He has been seen with a fairly large stick, which no one can explain it's usage other than for whacking reindeer or perhaps bad elves.

Santa and threats?  So far....other than skipping some bad one can establish that Santa has ever threatened anyone.

The use of the beard and outfit as a disguise?'s just regular North Pole attire.  It's kinda like fashion outlets in Poland in the wore what they sold even if it were way out of style.  My take is that there just aren't many C+A clothing shops there in the North Pole.

The necessity of intellectual to use the Santa argument to defend the burqa?  Lets be honest on two parts to this question.  First, when an intellectual has to use an imaginary character to build his argument.....he's stepped a full-step off a cliff (if you know what I mean).  Second, Santa has never been busted on the nose, jaw, or eye by some family acquaintance and used his beard or outfit to hide his injury.  Santa doesn't limit his character or his friendships, or hide his robust figure from public view.  And Santa doesn't seem to defend a 7th century behavior in his 'visits' or seem to harm anyone.

I hate to suggest that the intellectuals have locked onto a bad argument, but if you asked me.....dragging Santa into the burqa discussion is pretty amusing.

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