Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What a Bundestag Member Makes on Retirement

This came up today in some German article....over what members of the Berlin Bundestag make for a pension.

So, the deal starts on year one....with 2.5 percent of your "allowance and pay".

If you work ten've got 25-percent of your "allowance and pay".

If you are a senior ranking member after ten likely make around 14,000 Euro a month or 168,000 Euro a year.  If you reached retirement age at that'd collect roughly  42,000 Euro a year.

The max you can collect?  67.5 percent of your pay and allowances.

Note, the 14,000 a month covers your living cost in Berlin as could expect most everyone to be paying in the range of 3,000 Euro a month for a upscale and spacious 2-bedroom apartment.

Fairly decent retirement program but very comparable to the US side as well.  

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Jess Short said...

14,000 a month Tax Free, they contribute nothing to Social Security, and have a housing allowance and travel allowance. Pretty much the same everywhere. Politicians are only out for themselves.