Friday, January 20, 2017

Fake News and Nostradamus

My wife (ever the German) brought this up today.....that in the German news that she runs through each day....there's this new anti-Trump story.  Apparently, someone (probably a German) has analyzed Nostradamus (you know....the dead predictions guy who has been dead for 500 years), and proclaimed that there is a war forecasted with a guy starting it and Trump is apparently that guy.  The war?  Some 29-year war.

I suggested to my German wife that this was fake news.  She suggested that it must be true.

The actions by the German fake news-truth committee?  So far, nothing.

The problem when you use Nostradamus predictions is that they could be shaped into true events or shaped into fake events.

Can some idiots run around and do fake news episode everyday with Nostradamus, in Germany, and broadcast via Facebook?  Well....yeah.

This is one of those forty-odd issues or problems with the whole fake news agenda.  To stop the wave of fake news, you'd have to take on this Nostradamus guy, but he's been dead and buried for a long while.  Luckily, he has no Facebook account.


Jess Short said...

I beg to differ....he does have an account. :-)

R Hammond said...

Real Nostradamus or the fake Nostradamus? That's an interesting question. Will the Germans take him down over his fake predictions?