Monday, January 9, 2017

Solutions and Failures

If you looked over German TV news from the weekend, both major political parties (CDU and SPD) have come to two virtual agreements on the handling of 'problem-children' from the immigration affair.

First, they've agreed to the technical idea of having GPS-ankle 'bracelets' mounted on people (I guess upon a court order) that have been identified as radical.  No one says the precise amount of hassle or trouble that you'd have to cause to reach this stage, but it would end being some federally-run program.

My humble guess is that you'd been called down to some central office over mounting evidence, and given a chance to explain yourself.  At the end of the little front of a judge....he'd determine that you'd wear the GPS-device from that point on.

Second, both parties appear in some agreement to create 'centers' (I'm still waiting to hear the official German word created for these), which if you reached some stage of being a failed visa-applicant and a 'problem' (meaning radicalized or criminal behavior)....then you'd be brought to a center near some major airport and wait for your chance to leave Germany.  Again, a lot of the description of this center is left out of the public statements.

On this, my humble guess is that it'd be a facility with two or three fences, some armed guards, and it'll serve as a shelter with three meals a day.....until you get your home country arrangement worked up, etc.  Yeah, you might be sitting there for months.  Some Germans will suggest this as being inhumane in nature.

A new mental state by both parties?  Absolutely.  Both stand to lose dozens of seats in the Bundestag if AfD gets all these frustration votes.  Now, when it matters....they wise up to solve problems.

But there's one other story out of news from this weekend....the folks in Tunisia....the regular working-class folks, got all hyped-up and angry that these radical nut-case Tunisian guys residing in Germany might be on some plane coming back to Tunisia in the next year.  They held a public demonstration with approximately 10,000 people showing up.  They absolutely don't want the government of Tunisia to accept these guys.

You can sense that Tunisia will reach a point within the next month or two where it's politically not possible to take back their problem-children.  The Germans?  They will be stuck with them.  Same will happen in Algeria and Morocco.

One might get the opinion that the Germans will have to build prison-like complex for ten to twenty thousand characters, and just prepare in the long-run to be keeping people in the complex  because they can't go anywhere else.  It's like one of those C-grade movies that occasionally appear on the USA-network.

It's a wicked business that has been developed and hard to say how this will play out in the end.

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