Wednesday, January 11, 2017

French Election News

We are progressing toward the French Presidential election.

I noted in the newest poll out (IFOP-Fiducial) that Marine Le Pen (National Front) is now in a lead-position over the number two guy (Francois Fillon).  These two will likely be the final two in the primary election, and likely face each other.

The tough position by Fillon on terminating several hundred thousand government workers....may be part of his issue now.  He can't back down on the platform position but it's a serious issue which triggers government workers, and their friends/ vote opposite of Fillon.

I noted that Paris Match reports that Fillon is presently at roughly 24 percent, and Le Pen is at 26 percent.

Affect on German election?  To some minor degree, it will cause questions to be thrown up during the debates over the direction of France.  Le Pen says she might bring back the French Franc and give the voters a chance to vote on this.  If France left the Euro....there would be serious consequences involved for stability (I'd expect the dollar to rise by 10-percent as a minimum).

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