Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Fight Story

The city of Wiesbaden has to run some youth migrant center in town....for the underage crowd that showed up.

Tuesday morning....roughly 2AM....some fist-fight broke out with two punks knocking a 3rd punk.  Cops had to get called.  Charged will be flipped over to the two that started the fight.

The argument that started this?  Unknown.

This is one of the odd characteristics of the whole immigrant thing in Germany that I've noticed since the summer of 2013.  For the past six months....it's been occurring less often.  In 2015....it was almost every single week, you'd notice in some region or part of Germany.....cops got called out to settle a fist-fight between a couple of folks.

What you'd tend to notice in the stories is that no one ever seemed to ask what the fight was over....as it started.  Journalists never asked that question.  I'm assuming that the cops didn't ever really want to know or care.  They just want a simple six-line explanation to put into the daily blotter report.

Typically, in some tent-city operation or close-quarters situation.....based on my experience....fights usually started up over three things.  The first first was some disrespect angle, and you had to defend your respect.  The second was usually over a woman or a tramp gal that two guys both felt was "their gal".  The third usually involved too much alcohol.   Usually the alcohol-drive fights were the least intensive, and folks usually gave up after 60 seconds.  In Panama, we had two housewives in Army housing that got into a fight one day over one referring to the other as a "tramp" (she was actually having guys visit occasionally) at the house.....that fight went on for almost twenty minutes. The fight stopped mostly because both gals had lost a fair amount of their clothing and other ladies watching felt it wasn't decent to let this continue.

With all these nationalities in immigrant German-centers?  A lot of them just don't have much focus, or they look for just about anything to establish themselves as some authority.

No one suggests this problem in this case.....but you really can't be sure that any of the three 'teens' in this episode are real teens.  They might all have paperwork to claim their teen-status, but they might all be 20-to-25 years old.  You just don't know.

Charges in this case?  Assault probably, and the social office will caution the judge not to do anything rash because it'll ruin the immigration status for the two punks.

In the end, the cops are the ones who really hate this business.  At 2AM, they'd typically be on the back-burner, and just trying to stay awake.  They get this call,and get all pumped up driving over.  They really don't need to run around in some dark parking lot and figure which building and room this is occurring in.  Then they have to worry if other immigrants will react badly and make this a worse situation, and they end up having to draw some weapon (the last possible scenario they desire).
So it goes.

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