Thursday, January 26, 2017

The More Cops Story

There is a piece out of the daily German newspaper BILD that I picked up today....over the future of German cops.

Germans are mostly happy over adding 1,270 more cops to the federal police force.  But one insider commented on how this translates.

They cut the body size requirement.  It used to be that for a needed to be a minimum of 1.63 meters tall.  For a guy.....1.65 meters tall.  That requirement was thrown out.  Chief problem....recruitment over the past couple of years has started to become a problem.

The other change?  You used to have maintained a "3" in German and math for your final year of school.  Now?  A "4". A three translates to something between a "B" and "C" in the American school system.  The four is a step below that.

What the insider suggests is that bad decisions will come out of this new crowd.  Evidence to prove the point?  It doesn't exist.  But people think this.

The same type of recruitment issue exists for the German military as well, and they are modifying things to meet their goals.

After years of living around the German atmosphere, the police presence is one of those things that you notice and you appreciate.  German cops rarely make stupid mistakes.....they rarely go aggressive with the gun....they rarely cite non-existent laws....they rarely screw-up.  Germans don't have that type of appreciation.....having never messed up around with US cops.  On any given day in America, you could be in some stupid confrontation with a cop....whose soul reason that he has the job is that he's a cousin of Sheriff such-and-such.....not that he is clever or bright enough for the job.

Maybe more cops are necessary to filter out the crime present now.....but you have to wonder if the situation is also creating new and additional problems for the decade ahead.

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