Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Numbers Story

The German news folks out this interesting statistic yesterday.  For 2016, there were 8368 applications from north African asylum folks which were turned down.....for various reasons.  Only 368 applications were denied, processed, and sent 'home'.  

I'm into numbers and it stands out that roughly only five-percent have processed out of Germany.  What holds back the rest?  It can be a combination of ID, no passport, health conditions, appeals going on, original country refusing to accept them back, etc.

What do the 8368 folks do?  No one really says.

Some might be in some German language course and hoping on some appeal process to work.  Some might be hanging out and doing work on the black, with no care about this whole process business.  Some might be just grinning because this whole bureaucratic game is just a 'game', and if they get kicked out.....they will be back in six weeks.

The thing about the 8368 number that gets me....its the size of a fairly decent town.  My village has roughly 4,500 it's a group that is almost twice that size.

The odds that the pace will pick up?  I have serious doubts about that.  The folks that run Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia might get to some agreement to accept a hundred a month....but there's a bunch of folks radicalized and they really don't care to accept them back into their country.

It's an odd mess that's been created.  Thousands of men, who really don't have a country anymore, and can't fit into any environment.  Young.  Guys that just aren't going to get any fair shakes from anyone because of fear....not just German fear, but fear from their old homeland.

The Germans?  I doubt if the public really fixates much on this number presently.  They know there's some trend existing and trouble attached to a bunch of 'punks' without any real regard to civilization or the law.  If you go and travel through some major urban Essen, Hamburg, or know the deal in the heart of the city and through the area's railway system.  It's like being told that some animal or two are loose within your "zoo" but just to feel confident that sooner or later....the zoo-keepers will control the animal.

How many of the 8368 folks are safe and just desiring some second chance in life?  That's the just don't know.  You might have 90-percent of these people who aren't a threat in any way or shape.  Or it might be a fifty-fifty thing.

How long will the dispersal process take for the 8368 folks?  It's best not to ask that question.  You could be talking about a decade.

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