Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Higher Rent Story

The German government's Federal Statistical Office did a big research project and came to this odd conclusion.

If you are living in Germany as a migrant or immigrant.....you are typically paying more than regular Germans.  The average?  Germans on average pay 6.69 Euro per square meter, while the 'new' people are paying 7.26 Euro per square meter.

Reason or logic?

The typical average German lives across a broad spectrum of Germany.....from the rural areas to the urbanized areas like Frankfurt or Hamburg.  There's still a fair number of Germans who live in smaller towns or villages...sometimes even in the middle of nowhere.

The 'new' Germans or the migrants?  That's a totally different story.  They for the most part (the research project didn't go to that depth)....live in mostly urbanized zones...from mid-sized cities to urban areas like Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin.

Naturally, with this hyped-up sense to hang out and live in the urbanized areas....it simply cost more.  Instead of a 300-Euro a month cost for a three-bedroom deal in some small village of 500 people....they live on the west side of Wiesbaden and pay 650 Euro for a fairly old apartment.   There's a disparity here but you can't really fix this problem.

What'll happen in ten to fifteen years?  A number of German migrants/immigrants will be huffed and frustrated....they make the same pay as "Huns" or "Ingrid" but they seem to have a newer/better car....take routine vacations to Bavaria....and seem to live slightly better.

German politicians will be all over themselves to help out frustrated voters, but eventually the 'Einstein-crowd' will figure out that a large number (probably over 95-percent) of the migrant-turned-Germans....are living in urbanized neighborhoods while the typical German population is less so inclined.

How did the urbanization of the migrants occur?

Based on observation and analysis....I would come to three basic issues:

(1) The migrants already in Germany (maybe for ten to twenty years) also settled in urban areas, and the new crowd would like to live around their own countrymen for peer association.

(2) The general belief....doesn't matter which migrant culture that you talk about in Germany....is that there are jobs in urban areas.  No one discusses the fact that the cost of living is different.

(3) If you were of a particular religious persuasion....you'd naturally find in a matter of days upon arrival that most rural areas or less populated cities in Germany.....have fewer 'different' religions.  Those in the urbanized areas....more so.

People can live wherever they want to in Germany.....but you just sense things will erupt into a mess as time passes.

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