Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Truck Story

Public news in Germany is discussing some minor story that the Bonn Museum of Contemporary History wants the truck used in the Christmas market attack in Berlin (12 dead).

All that the museum says is that it's too early for them to really make this decision and they want to think about it.  Odds of a decision in 2017?  Unlikely because of the political election.

Will the truck be kept in some garage awaiting a decision?  I have my doubts.

The truck is property of a Polish trucking company.  My gut-feeling is that they will sign it over to some disposal company after the insurance money has been paid out.  Will the disposal company hold this for hopes that the Museum might pay them for it?  And what is the heavily damaged truck Museum-money?

If you went and asked working-class Germans....most will have no opinion.  The majority might state that they have no interest in seeing the truck and they probably don't think this is a wise decision.

What the Museum thinks? There are climatic moments in history where changes occur and maybe these folks think this truck attack in Berlin will be a climatic moment.

The problem I see is that it will draw attention to the Tunisian guy and his entire history....someone with zero positive history from the day that he left the shores of Tunisia.  Maybe it'll be just a two-line placard at the display of the truck and just avoid discussing the Tunisian guy at all.  But I think the public would like the whole story on display, and also list out the twelve dead folks and what their life history was about.

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