Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Wiesbaden Story

Four times a week, I head down into Wiesbaden to the old Lindsey Air Station area....which is today a flourishing neighborhood, and has the city's VHS (school) there.  Across the street from the VHS...is one of the five or six police stations in town.

Since October, I've come to note now....weekly....at least one car parked between the VHS and the police station....around 8:30AM, with some window broke out.

Yesterday's episode was a station wagon...business vehicle for some local electrical shop.  Cop was standing there with the car-owner....taking a picture and writing out a brief report.  My guess is that over the weekend, the car got broken into and the tool bags stolen from the back of the car.

They avoid statistics like this in the local press, but I would take a guess that robberies like this are a fairly regular routine now.  In a town of 280,000.....you have a lot of characters just looking for a quick and easy crime.

The thing is....you can figure some tool bags with electrical items....maybe having a value of 3,000 Euro minimum.  The thief?  I doubt if he gets more than 400 Euro after he goes to his property guy.  The property guy?  He'll look around and parcel this out....maybe getting 700 to 800 Euro for 'used' tools.  The guy with the broke window?  His insurance will likely cover this but demand a lot of paperwork to prove the tools lost and value.  In man-hours, he'll have to dig up paperwork, and that's probably six to eight hours of work to get the value assessed, and paperwork accomplished.

You just look at this and shake your head.

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