Friday, September 9, 2016

*.* and German Immigration

In the mid-1990s, the Air Force decided to make an IT "pro" out of me.  It was an unwise decision but in the end....I became a capable minor-league technician and even got to the point of being a trainer and instructor.  One of the 100,000 things that I ended up learning about....was "*.*".  It was this command that you could write into some brief code or search pattern for.....and get everything (and I mean ABSOLUTELY everything).

*.* is a nifty tool.....if you need how to use it and how it can be focused on the right things.

In the German immigration mess....typically everything about the incoming crowd is *.*.

That means that there is not a lot of rational thought process or understanding by the Berlin crowd into what *.* means..

If you went and asked the statistical guys in Germany about what makes up the immigrant population now.....they'd tell you that it probably tops sixty-odd countries.  So many in fact.....that in a lot of camps or centers.....they have no one there to speak that particular language of the guy they delivered today, and he'll end up being a special case until they ship to another camp or center.....where they might have sixty of his "culture".

So, if you start thinking about all these cultures, languages, customs, and behavior oddities.....then you start asking stupid questions. do you arrange some school system in a particular district to handle sixteen different nationalities or languages?  How do you handle one group which is heavily affected by wartime situations versus another group who emerged out of a peaceful island nation in the Pacific?  How do you handle one group of fourteen-year-olds from one culture who seem to be just a year behind the German kids.....while this one other different cultural group of fourteen-year-olds are two or three years behind the German kids?

How do you handle disciplinary actions on some kids who can't handle directions from women teachers, when just two meters away are another totally different immigrant group of kids.....who seem to easily take orders from female teachers?

Maturity?  Go take forty average immigrants in Germany and review their ability to handle a simple maturity situation.  Various nationalities will handle one situation one way......and another group a different way.

At some point in the 2015 debate and defense tactics shown by the news media in Germany.....there was this odd projection of all refugees being the same.  It was the *.* projection.  At the time, I just sat there and thought.....well....maybe in some hyped period of mass drinking and hallucinogenic  medications....but you've got all kinds of different cultures, languages and groups.  I kept thinking....surely they would realize the implications.  Well....I was wrong.

When you look across the entire spectrum of various groups and visualize the *.* situation's hard to figure how this can ever come out as some success without massive funding and effort invested.

A German attempt to disprove *.* as a problem?  That's about the only theory that I can come up with.  Some smart clever German intellectual.....just sat there and said let's prove *.* isn't a big deal.  Days go by.....weeks go by.....months go by.....and the intellectual is still standing there and trying to disprove it's a big deal.  Even five years from now....he'll still be trying to disprove it's an issue.

Maybe one day.....some geeky and creative guy will write some Mark Twain-like book entitled "*.* Explained in Ten Simple Sentences".....and German intellectuals will finally proclaim this is something to think about.

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