Saturday, September 17, 2016

Germans and Racism?

For some reason....over the past couple of days in Germany, some news reports and journalists have hyped up the idea of racism being a problem in Germany.  Naturally, the target of this racism would be Islamic people, if you follow the story-line.

If you follow German history like I do.....I just look at the journalists involved and wonder what planet they've existed on for the past thousand-odd years.  Yeah, there's racism in Germany and it's nothing new or spectacular.

Jews, French people, Italians, the Dutch, Americans, blacks, Russians, and English have all been on some racism situation.

Intellectuals may attempt to say that things got cleared up after WW II, and most Germans were pure and innocent of racism accusations up until the past five years.....but that's a bogus comment.

To what degree does racism exist in Germany?  That would be debated and would require 81-million answers.  You could have a German who dislikes just any kind of foreigner, period.  You could have a German who hates Russians....mostly because three of their relatives died in WW II on the eastern front.  You could have some older Germans who hate Americans because of WW II.  You could have some Germans who dislike Czechs for various reasons.  You could have some Germans who dislike Bavarians because of their "Austrian-like" behavior (you'd have to ask a German to explain that one).

There are Germans who had a super happy and positive view of immigrants until the 31 December riot and sexual assault business in Koln, and today....they are very suspicious of all immigrants, period.

There are Germans who walk into a train station today and see one single foreigner with a Middle-Eastern or African look.....and they get tense because of pick-pocket crimes.

Having Gypsies around will hype up most Germans, who are always suspicious of what kind of crime they might be up to.

As for this journalistic gimmick to talk about racism right now?  It's mostly to push the public back a step and intimidate them into lessening their confrontational view of foreigners.  To their face, no one wants to be called a you try to act nice for a while, and eventually will return to the normal 'lack-trust' situation.

So, when you hear some debate going on, or some German political figure harping on racism in assured.....there's absolutely racism existing and it's nothing new.  It's just some fancy gimmick to isolate people and push them back a step.

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Jess Short said...

The media and politicians having been watching too much CNN.