Saturday, September 10, 2016

Burqa-clad Cops?

News came out of the UK late this week of a police department that is considering a recruitment drive.....which would allow burqa-clad women to be police members.  It drew some laughs but apparently is not a joke.  There will be a discussion and some thoughts put into this.

So I sat and pondered how burqa cops would work.

First, they are debating over the plain burqa uniform itself or possibly even the facial covering burqa.  Would the police have a particular style (in blue) for the young woman?

Second, for the bullet-proof you wear it under the burqa or over the top of the burqa?

Third, if you have to wear a holster and carry a pistol.....will the hostler be over the top of the burqa outfit or under the outfit?

Fourth, if the burqa gal is sent to detain and arrest a Muslim man.....will she respect the authority of the Islamic man....more than British law?  If the Islamic man refuses to allow the burqa-clad woman to touch that the end of the authority game?

Fifth, can you really see clearly enough to fire a 9mm pistol while wearing the facial covering?  Really?

Sixth, would people generally on the street show respect to a cop dressed in a burqa outfit?  It's hard to imagine the bulk of society having automatic respect for someone who is in a burqa.

Seventh, what happens if "Barnaby" (a non-Islamic gay British police guy) takes to this and asks to be allowed to wear the burqa?  Will burqa gals get upset?  Will Islamic folks get upset?  Will the other cops get upset?

Eighth?  If someone creates a religion of thin air and makes all members wear Ballerina clothing or cowboy clothing, and they ask to join this police unit and be allowed to wear their religion's choice of silky Ballerina outfits.....will they have to comply?

You see, this all leads to more questions....more doors opening.....more issues.

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