Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Have We Done It?"

Last night at 8:15, ZDF ran a short documentary piece....entitled: Have We Done It?

The topic was.....just how screwed up is the immigration, refugee and integration business?

It was a fairly balanced documentary....up to date....and covered every possible angle.  On some pieces, it was very positive....on others...very negative.  There are great success stories and some remarkable people who've come to Germany over the past three years.  There are also some people who've come and they probably ought to leave.

You can watch the clip off this point.  It is 45 minutes long but a decent report.

I think the bigger thing that you take out of this documentary is that when you do come across to "losers" or people who just won't ever integrate into just can't seem to remove or get rid of them.  In a way.....this only causes more money to be wasted....more cops to be dragged into solving the mess....and more blame getting shifted around to political figures who just aren't that bright.

At one point in the documentary....they go to a village which decided that the whole village would be pro-active and immigrant families brought into the village.....were involved daily with the locals.  I was one of those villages in the middle of nowhere and very rural in nature.  I think if you were measuring this one village with the fifty-odd people involved....they were maxing out at a "10" on the scale of one to ten.  But that was an exception to the standard.

At one point, they had a two-minute piece on the two-wife situation, and you could sense that one of the wives wasn't that happy with the relationship deal.  How would Germany handle this for the future?  Still being debated and the public is generally against the idea of changing German law.

I should the video ends....if you watch all the way to the's NOT a ZDF production (state-run network)'s a Spiegel production.  So as fair as the documentary wasn't something produced by ZDF.

If you have 45 minutes....settle back and get a complete introduction to the broad topic of immigration in Germany.  Note: it is all in Germany.

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