Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Bus Story

I sat this morning on a Wiesbaden city bus.  We had around thirty folks on it as we left mid-town, and at some stop....three ticket-audit folks got onboard.

Kinda surprising  on statistics.  Out of 30 passengers....I'd say at least five didn't have a ticket (awful high statistics).

But from those five....two guys didn't have a passport.  Both were immigrants.  One guy....I would guess was Iraqi or Syrian, and the other Eritrean.

The Eritrean kid (around 20 to 24 years old) took to some bit of arguing with the audit gal.  He wanted to just step off the bus, and she wasn't going to let him get away (60 Euro fine but you need the passport to asses this).

You could see that the kid was looking to ease back and go out the backdoor.....but the second audit guy (big guy) stood there to ensure he didn't leave.

We were nearing the cop station in that neighborhood, and so they yelled for the driver to stop there and they escorted the two folks to the front door.  Cops would make the ID on both and settle this matter.

You see this occasionally with the immigrants.....they just seem to think that no one ever audits people on the buses.  The 60 Euro fine?  They can't really pay it but it goes to the auslander office and somewhere down the's going to be deducted from some payment to the guy.

Does someone ever explain this to the new immigrants?  You'd think that some German bureaucrat would sit there and lay out a hundred really important things that you need to know once you get accepted to some center and await your visa.

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