Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Number 361

One of the odd things that you get out of having AfD Party individuals in various state parliaments in that they can now stand there and ask questions of state "bosses" of various departments and force them to answer simple questions.

About two weeks the Pflaz....the AfD folks made the authorities there answer how many marriages existed in the state....where one member of the couple was under the age of fourteen.  Normally, none of the political parties would ask a loaded question like this.

Well....after that folks got around to asking at the Berlin level....nationally....what was the magic number.  Answer?  361 couples in Germany exist with a spouse who is under the age of fourteen.

Over the next week or two.....via various public TV chat forums....I expect this topic to come up a couple of times.  Generally, even the more liberal-minded of Germans have a problem with this type of situation.  Generally, you can't run a dual-tracked society where one groups gets a big special favor and the other group doesn't.

Waiting for state governments (all sixteen) to react?  It won't happen.  Waiting for Berlin to find a solution?  It won't happen with the current balance of political parties in Berlin.

Each day brings you closer to the point where some German guy will show up in Pakistan....arrange a marriage.....and bring his 12-year-old bride back into Germany.  Any attempt to charge him with a crime....will simply bring judges closer to the point of admitting that two different societies have been created in Germany and they can't handle this legally.

But this brings to the big part of this 'game' being played out.  You really don't need a majority of the AfD folks in Berlin.  What you need is ten to fifteen percent.....which is enough to force questions to be asked and various agencies put into a compromised position of providing an answer.  Each answer that makes you look foolish....teaches the controlling parties to modify their positions to make the general public happy.  It might take two or three years.....but you'd eventually notice that most of the political parties would have dropped their Merkel-vision and reversed a number of trends.  Even the news journalists with a pro-immigration slant on things.....would find themselves also having to explain stupidity, and forced into modifying their positions.

So when you hear the conversation this next week drift around and 361 gets mentioned a couple of know what the conversation is all about.  It's a special number.....which will force changes to occur.

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