Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reaching People with Reasoning Talk

At some point today, German Chancellor Merkel gave an interview in Berlin with RBB (the local regional state-run TV network).  It was mostly to hype up the election on Sunday and the local CDU political folks.

The key comment of the interview?  She reached the topic of enthusiasm building up for AfD and criticism of the government's immigration policy, to which she said:

“Right now it’s hard to reach some people with reasoning and still we have to keep trying again and again,  I believe that we shouldn’t give up on people who are now casting a protest vote, but rather keep courting them with our policies.”

This was mostly aimed at social media and the gut-feeling by the CDU leadership that so many Germans were getting false or misleading information, and basing their voting pattern on this false information.  If these people only knew the truth and understood the understood the nature of the immigration plan.....well....things would be fine.

As an outsider viewing the progress or lack of progress.....I tend to see several things which weren't focused upon early on, there a year ago....or simply not seen by the leadership today.

1.  To say all immigrants were of one single variety and each deserved the same consideration....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

2.  To say that Germany needed migrants and immigrants of any variety, with skills and crafts ranging from PhD-level to 3rd-grade reading level.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

3.  To reason that you'd cope through some mechanism with radicalized religious "crazies" and not threaten German society.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

4.  To think that you had some shelter plan that could handle a million-plus migrants coming each year....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

5.  To sit and keep thinking that your immigration bureau with 650-odd employees were up to the task at hand, and spend six months just hoping they'd pick up speed when they weren't showing that tendency.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

6.  To sit and have the state-run news apparatus acting like a cheer-leader nightly....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

7.  To keep talking about the use of the migrants to fill the job-cycle.....when more than half lacked the school educational requirements, and language training consumes a minimum of twelve to fifteen months.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

8.  To keep talking about bringing more in or accepting more....when no one within the Berlin leadership knew of any cost theme to the whole program.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

9.  To allow states and cities to sign up shelters and steel building 'condos' to long-term contracts, then a year later realize that the flow lessened to such an extent that they don't need the shelters to this extent but have to pay a hefty 'get-out' fee to quit the contract.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

10.  To have teachers sitting there with various language groups of kids, and different variations of educational skills from their homeland....and not really grasping the huge impact created.....probably wasn't the brightest idea.

11.  To have literally thousands of people and teenagers within the group.....with possible PTSD as a significant problem....probably wasn't the smartest idea.

12.  To enter into a "deal" with the EU and force those in Germany to return to Turkey as part of some financial compensation deal, and rely upon Erdogan to keep "peace" in Turkey.....probably wasn't the smartest idea.

13.  To sit there and use the EU 'stick' to whack on other EU members....trying to force them into accepting "their fair share" of refugees....probably wasn't the smartest idea.

I could probably add another twenty items onto the list but it really doesn't matter.  In a way, this crowd in Berlin went out and did everything possible to create the AfD and the enthusiasm for them.

When you see that roughly 70-percent of German society doesn't trust the national news media, something is going wrong.  When you have six-hundred-plus women in Koln turn in sexual assault reports to the cops and they see mostly no one convicted of a crime, something has gone wrong.  When you have frustrated long-time CDU, SPD, and Linke Party voters who just stand up and walk away because they can't get your attention......something has gone wrong.

So pardon me.....if this suggestion of reaching people with "reasoning" doesn't seem to be something of value.

Oh, I don't need Einstein-like people working on this.  I agree that the AfD is a single issue party and lacks maturity.  And I'll even agree that most Germans really don't know how to fix this.....they just know it's broke.

People only stop doing a protest-vote when they feel like you've fixed the problem.  Obviously, people are still waiting on a fix.  And in this case.....the AfD guys are some kind of whacked-up ADAC autobahn crew (the German car repair guys).

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