Sunday, September 4, 2016

End Result of the Mecklenburg Sunday Election

Five years ago (2011), Mecklenburg's state election ended up with:

SPD - 36-percent
CDU- 23-percent
Linke Party - 18.4-percent
Green Party - 8-percent
FDP - 6-percent

What occurred over the last five years is an interesting episode.  Mecklenburg isn't a big German state, and it doesn't have much of an immigrant population (they probably took in 35,000 over the past three years).  It is part of the old DDR (East Germany), and they do have a fair number of working-class people.

So, today's vote:

SPD - 30.5-percent
AfD - 21-percent
CDU - 19-percent
Linke Party - 12.5-percent
Green Party - 5-percent

For the SPD, they lost 20-percent of their voting public since five years ago.....which is a fairly damaging part of the story.  For the CDU, they lost almost a quarter of their voting public.  For the Linke Party, they lost a third of their voting public.

The AfD is in a great position for the Berlin election in the next couple of weeks, and likely to take near 15-percent there.  All of this puts the AfD in a great position for the three early state elections in the spring of 2017.....and makes one question how both the SPD and CDU can counter them in the months ahead.

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