Friday, June 27, 2014

A Shooting

It's one of those little things that you notice after a while....crime news isn't on the national news coverage of Germany.  It's rare that you sit there at 8PM....watching Channel One's (ARD)'s news piece and there's something on crime.

To be honest....even your regional TV coverage will be limited. So, you are left to mostly regional newspapers which tell of crime episodes.

Today, there's the story of some landlord out of northern Germany....who got fed up....his renter was behind on payment for electricity and he cut the guy off.  The guy reacted.....shooting the landlord dead in the car, and would have shot the landlord's brother if the cheap gun he had hadn't jammed.  Legal gun?  I'm not betting on it....cops aren't talking at this point.  The guy reacted......shot the landlord, and later walked into a local station to turn himself in.

Hostility breeds reactions that sometime are pretty bad.

Here's the thing.....same town.....hours later.....another shooting.  That victim will likely survive.  Cops looking for the shooter presently.

Lot of shooting?'s the thing.  You just don't know because the national news folks won't carry it.  So you'd have to go paper by paper, and put stories together.  The general trend here in Hessen (my local state) knives and beatings.  You still's just by non-shooter aggressive people.

Germans will get all hyped up on talking trash talk on America and the gun mentality.  Generally, they miss these stories in their own backyard, and don't realize that they have the same problem going on here....just to a lesser degree.  You could wake up this your normal daily tasks, and suddenly find some frustrated character facing you with a pistol and he's out run of options for fixing his problem.

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