Monday, June 23, 2014

Accidents in Wiesbaden

If you follow daily Wiesbaden news....about every two or three days.....there's a significant accident within the city limits of a two-wheel vehicle.  Sometimes a bike, sometimes a scooter, sometimes a motorcycle.

Back in the winter months, we had some gal who was on a bike and was killed within the city limits as a bus ran her over.

Yesterday, I was halfway between the walkplatz and the train station.....and this accident occurred about sixty seconds before I got there.

Hard to say if the motorcyclist saw the car at the last minute (not in the picture), or just bad luck.  On the positive side.....the motorcyclist was ok, just a bit shaken up.  If you notice....he's got the reflective jacket on.....gloves....and is wearing heavier grade shoes.  Most folks aren't that safety-minded when you stand there on the streets and observe regular habits.

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