Monday, June 9, 2014

The Open Market

City markets tend to be an interesting place to just stand and spend ten minutes looking at a landscape blending into commerce, and alive with people and urban life.

Mainz has a city market down near the Mainz Dom (the major church in the old part of town).

There are some simple rules that I would advise on open markets.  First, you do get the most fresh of vegetables, fruit, bread and meats.

Second, I've rarely found that you save when using the open markets....which might be a negative.

Third, you tend to eat a fair bit when walking an open it you were counting's a bad place to walk.

Fourth, spring and summer make a fine walk on a city market....November to March?  Not so much.

Fifth, always carry a bag with you and limit yourself to what you think you can carry with ease (don't get stupid and end up with thirty pounds of apples).

Sixth, most of what you see is from the local region.  Some.....might come from neighboring countries.  And a small bit from way past European borders. So you might want to limit yourself and your expectations.

Seventh and markets have been going on for more than two thousand years.  So, this is merely another day....on top of fifty thousand previous days.  You are participating in history....whether you notice it or not.

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