Saturday, June 14, 2014

Japanese Tourists in Germany

If you travel around the Rhein Valley a good bit and hit tourist tend to notice busloads of Japanese tourists.

Around twenty years ago, I started to notice the trend with a few Japanese here and there.  Yesterday, there were probably four busloads of Japanese tourists 'dumped' on Rudesheim in the morning.

As I walked around, I started to notice menus, sales leaflets, and German, English, and Japanese.

It's one of those odd things that you come across......the effect of Japanese tourists.

Usually when Americans or Germans go on a trip.....there are various tendencies that you notice and can be amused by.  Yeah, both groups do drink a fair amount.  Both groups eat a hefty portion.  Both groups will chat up a storm over perceived unfair pricing or high costs of a vacation.

The Japanese on vacation?  You get the impression that they are always humble....always courteous and polite.....and spending money on the trip like it might be the last great trip of their life.  Yeah.....they do take twice as many photos as an American.  And I imagine that they drink only a quarter as much beer or wine as a German. It'd be curious to note the choice from the food menu, and if they frequently eat schnitzel while on vacation.

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