Sunday, June 8, 2014

Frankfurt Dom

One of the ten things worth seeing in the Cathedral.....on the north side of the river....near Rothaus.

It goes by the Frankfurt Dom, if you have trouble finding it on the map.

Some history? was built around the 1425 period.  Fire took it down around 1865, but it was rebuilt.  WW II saw this entire section of town bombed out, and the Cathedral was rebuilt again.

Tours are offered, and it's worth the time to see the interior.
I should add that about three minutes walking from here is the old part of the city....also worth visiting.  And directly across the river is Sachsenhausen....with various pubs open in the evening hours.

Rebuilt to the original spec's?  Well....this might be an interesting argument.  I doubt if it's an exact copy, and folks probably learned a few things from the previous mistakes in construction.

So, if you have an's worth stopping in and seeing it.

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