Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Gal on the Bull

Wiesbaden has an abundance of city park space.  At one end, near the train a pool area with one extra large statue of a naked gal laying on top of a resting bull.

Yeah, It's an odd piece and you simply stand there....gazing at it and wondering the myth or romantic novel that comes with the gal on the bull.

On a typical June afternoon, there are around sixty people resting in various poses on the benches or on the grass.  I imagine most are taking their lunch hour and dumping a fair amount of stress.

The green stuff at the bottom of the pool?  Algae.  A fair number of ducks visit the pool and things collect up there.

On my list of things in life to see....left still unvisited is Central Park in New York City.  For some reason, I envision Central Park to be similar to the Wiesbaden City Park.

Worth visiting?  The park space in Wiesbaden is fairly significant.  I'd take a guess at well over 500 acres of space, and it'd take pretty much a day to walk around the various parks in the city.  If you got a sunny day and mild'd be worth a visit.

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