Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hot Water Spring

 At the end of the walkplatz in Kochbrunnenplatz.  It's a combination park and warm water spring.  In the midst of it is a covered area over a hot water spring.

It sits adjacent to Taunus Strasse.  Walking from the train station, it'd probably take you thirty minutes to reach the park.

If you went back a hundred years....this was a popular spot for vacationing VIPs (Russia, US, France, Germany, England, etc) do a stroll on a summer afternoon, and use the waters for medicinal purposes.

Today?  You might occasionally see someone stop by and douse themselves with a bit of water.  There's a sign on the interior of the structure which details the contents of the finite detail.  Germans are that way....if you didn't know.

On the list of twenty-odd things in Wiesbaden worth checking out.....I'd put it between ten and twenty.  You don't come across things too often like this in life.

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