Friday, June 13, 2014

Fake Cops, Again

We've had a number of fake cop episodes in the region over the past year.

A couple of episodes in downtown Wiesbaden have occurred where tourists were stopped by someone claiming to be a cop, then they were asked for their billfolds or purses.....only to later find money removed.

In the past week, in the Rhein Valley region, we had one guy pulled over by a car flashing blue lights.  The two "cops" then got the guy over to the side of the road and explained that they wanted to search his car.....directing him to stand out in the grassy area and await their inspection of the interior of his car.

One guy climbs into the car....starts it....and drives on off.  The other climbs back into the "cop-car" and drives off.  Fake cops.....stolen car.

From Wednesday here in Wiesbaden.....we had a woman stopped on a significant street by another fake cop and asked to review her purse.  1,500 Euro were removed, as the gal discovered that the cop was fake.

A trend?'s hard to say.  There's enough fake badges out there now, that trying to establish a real cop versus a fake cop is going to be difficult in the future.

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