Saturday, June 14, 2014

Windmill Story

There was an interesting piece in the Taunus Zeitung newspaper from yesterday....on wind-power.

The heart of the piece an expert who has poured over current and projected consumption....that the state of Hessen will require around 3,500 MORE windmills by meet the goals established.

Course, this would draw a guy to ask how many windmills already exist in the state of Hessen.  It's around one thousand presently.

What the article lays that of the thousand windmills in power-production right now.....the best you can generally hope for is around two to three megawatts per system.  The dream number as most power planners go with is five megawatts per system.  To reach it?  You'd have to build on prime hilltop areas where landscape is a massive priority with the public.

You can get the jest of the sense of this......3,500 more windmills over the next three an awful lot, and it's all related to the game of climate change.  To make one group happy, you have to make another group unhappy.  Then anti-windmill crowd?  They were probably climate change enthusiasts to start with, and then got negative as they discovered the whole deal at hand.

Will the 3,500 additional windmills be built?  I'm guessing they will be.  Where?  That might be a curious question to ask as the planners sit down and envision a windmill farm on each ridge.

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