Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Head Cleaner?

Here in Wiesbaden....people are generally thinking ahead of the game plan.  The city council in the past couple of days have come to a hire up a person whose sole job in life is to assess, analyze and maximize on cleanliness (of the city).  Yeah, chief manager of cleanliness.

Apparently, what the city desires, is to take all the various functions that exist from street cleaners to park maintenance folks, and the other dozen-odd groups that relate to upkeep of the city landscape....and somehow have a more focused effort.  More bang for the buck, as we Americans would say.

No one says much over how much they pay for the I'm guessing it'll be between thirty and forty thousand Euro (figure forty-five percent taxation with social benefit costs).

Resume requirements? one said much over that.  I'd take a guess that you need some type of civil engineering background....maybe a couple of years working for some smaller town's maintenance department....a knack for orderly operations....friendly with the clean-up crews....and some basic ideas over landscape maintenance.  I'd suspect that they already have a person in mind and that it's a virtual guaranteed lock-in for that one individual.  There's also a least by what the Wiesbaden Kurier (our local paper) that it's a one-year experiment job.  They might extend it by late 2015, or they might just dissolve it.

Does Wiesbaden have a neatness issue?  For a city of 280,'s probably the cleanest place that I can imagine.  It's true.....after a fest or big week of celebration.....things are a bit untidy or messed up for a day or two....but the "gang" of clean-up personnel do their job and put things back into order.  I can't think of a single street where you might refer to the city as crappy or littered.  It's kinda hard for me to imagine what this king-of-cleanup is going to be doing, or how they provide value to the city.  But, it at least brings another guy off unemployment, and that's always a positive on wasting government revenue.

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