Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wiesbaden Market Pillar

 The Market Pillar resides on the Marktplatz of Wiesbaden....about a block from the city park and on the cobblestone area where vendors appear on Saturday to sell fruit and vegetables.

On the list of the top five monuments or statues in Wiesbaden to check on....I'd rate it near the top.

Around went up in the area where an underground vault area for wine was set.

There are probably twenty different symbols on the pillar, which can all have various meanings.

This era of 1902?  Well...the spa resort authority of Wiesbaden was still in full swing, and anything put up.....was a tourist spot for the VIPs to mingle, gather, and spend money.

Looking for a marker on the pillar?  It'll be hard to find anything much, and there's no plague or identifier.....other than some city map that probably got you there in the first place.

My general advice would be to stand and admire it.....step a hundred feet over and have an ice cream or an apple wine, and enjoy the downtown area of Wiesbaden.

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