Monday, June 9, 2014

Old Houses

 Wilhelm Strasse in the most prominent street of the entire city.  It'd compare easily with the big name streets of New York or London.  It's where the rich of Wiesbaden go to shop, mingle, and hang out.

There's an odd thing that you'd come to notice about Wilhelm strasse....there are four houses situated on the street....all dating back to the mid-1800's.....all historical in nature....and all likely beyond a reasonable cost on the real estate market.

All lie in a row.....all neatly landscaped and part of the trend of Wiesbaden in that era of construction.  One of the houses lead back to an episode with the Queen of Serbia.

Use of the houses today?  Most have business related signs for the first floor, and I get the impression that parts of each house are condo-related.  Parking?  Well....that's questionable and I doubt if anyone in the 1800s era worried much about that.

Affordability?  I can only take a guess that you'd have to pull out a minimum of ten million Euro to purchase any of the four houses.  

If you stand on the opposite street.....there's no park benches to sit and observe the houses....maybe on purpose.

Each probably has a rich history....leading up to 1914 (the era of booming economics for Wiesbaden).

So, if you have an one afternoon....just start walking from the train station up, and enjoy a stroll along a historical part of town that usually doesn't advertise itself....but it's generations old appearance says alot.

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