Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fastnachtsbrunnen Statue (Mainz)

The folks in Mainz put a statue for just about any reason.  The Fasnachtsbrunnen about ten minutes walking east from the bahnhof.

The local crowd put forward the idea in the mid-1960s of having a statue dedicated toward 'fests'.  Yeah, it's an odd subject.  Mainz was in the rebuilding stage from the war, and the locals wanted something that hinted of a new culture and lifestyle emerging out of the era.  Somehow, through the various nominations of artistic ideas....this is what got to the top of the list.

What an American would generally say is that it's a bunch of metal objects fixed into some fountain.  You can stand there for twenty minutes trying to imagine some meaning to it, but it's just about impossible.  My recommendation is that if you make it to the Schillerplatz, then stop and have an ice cream or apple wine.....and spend some time on the street just people-watching.

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