Sunday, June 29, 2014

Local Hilltop on Sale

If I walk out the door of my house, and go on the trail around the woods......within a thirty-minute walk, I will be at the Kellerskopf.  For the locals, it's the highest point of elevation within miles.  It's also the location of a tower and a restaurant.

This weekend, I noticed that the property is up for sale.  A decent sized property, with a fifty-car parking lot, and a large building structure.  They want 998,000 Euro.  Yeah, it's a hefty price attached to it, and I'd have some doubts that he can get that much for the property.

There's not a big sorted history with the place.  It was "settled" in 1930, and built up a reputation as a quiet mountain retreat for people to get into their cars and drive over for a drink or two, or a full-up dinner.  You could spend five minutes walking up the tower stairway, to get a view of everything within five miles in any direction.  Or you could park a fair bit away, and hike up the various trails to the restaurant.

The guy who owns it....isn't the guy who runs the restaurant today.....a rental deal.  There's a fair amount of business going on, but it's not really a place that you'd seek out in cooler weather.  I'd suspect that seventy percent of their business is done in spring and summer.  On the other hand, there's a fair amount of catering done for wedding parties and such....which might occur all-year round.

I'm guessing it might take a while to sell the property.  The guy who buys into this.....has a limit on income and there's not much space to add on more a hotel.

So, if you wanted a rustic old-fashioned stone building on top of a hilltop overlooking Wiesbaden, with a eighty-year old tower.....and plenty of woods surrounding the whole structure....this is the deal.

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