Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Local Murder?

We had an odd murder of sorts in the local area around Wiesbaden (Schwalbach).

An old guy passed away in August (in his mid-sixties).  His wife had passed on earlier this year.  The old guy had a garage space that he rented and stored different items....away from the house.

Relatives apparently decided to clear the garage, and came across some plastic barrels.....tightly clamped down....probably in the 35-to-40 gallon size.  They undid the tops.....finding the remains of a woman....dead for several years.  Cops kinda hint the body was in pieces.

Dating?  No possibility.  All they can say is that the containers have been there for several years.  They will run DNA tests and see if any missing women from the past twenty years fit the situation.

The old guy? Unremarkable is the word repeated by those who knew him.  He was a horticulturalist.  From the neighbors interviewed on the news one thinks he can be tied to the situation, but they can't figure the situation.

Killed by the old guy?  Killed by the old guy's wife?  Killed by a friend who simply asked the old guy if he could store the containers in the old guy's rented garage?  There's a dozen odd possibilities.  The barrels might have even been there from the prior renter of the garage space, and that renter might have asked the old guy to hold the barrels for a couple of months......but never showed back up to clear them from the garage.

It's the kind of mysterious scenario that a writer would take....write a five-star murder-who-done-it script and catch the attention of readers.

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