Saturday, September 20, 2014


One of the commercial networks in Germany have kinda found this average guy, who has some charisma and on-scene talent for problems that people run into while traveling.

The guy?  Detlef Steves.  Vox found the guy, did some various various projects with him, and in 2013....his acting career finally took off.  To be honest....he can't really act.  What you the real Detlef.

He's not the kind of traveler that loves adventure.  He's the typical German who'd like to get picked up by a bus....taken to faraway lands on a scheduled tour with a guide....where everything is programmed and planned to happen like the assembly of a Mercedes limousine.  The crew knows this.....and then plans out the most chaotic three-day trip possible, which would normally turn the typical average German into a frustrated mess after six hours.

The crew is back in action on the first week of October....taking Detlef to Paris.  You can kinda expect everything to go wrong, and somehow Detlef will show a good strong German character, and find some way to survive until the last hours....then escape back home to the comfort provided by his dear wife.

A reality star?  Yeah.  But in some ways....he's the kind of German that you'd want to take along for a unplanned trip to South Korea, and just see how far you could go....before you woke up in a rice field with seven bucks on you and not remember much of the evening before.

So, 5 Oct 2014 (Sunday evening) at 7:15.....prepare for Detlef Must Travel on Vox.  It's worth watching.

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