Monday, September 29, 2014


Some German stories are a bit difficult to lay out and understand via your normal news journalist.  So it is.....with this episode.

Somewhere about a decade ago (2005, to be precise).....we had this rapper in Germany.  His rapper name was Deso Dogg.  Yeah, I's not that catchy, but rappers can twist just about anything into some attraction.

Deso, or Dog......was actually Denis Cuspert.  Denis hit the big least in Germany for 2006.  I won't compare success for rappers in Germany to success for rappers in America.  It just doesn't compare.  Denis did three albums.  The last in 2009.  A rap career of roughly seven years, and an album period of five years.

Denis is this oddball kid who grew up in West Berlin, in the glory days of the cold war.  Denis had a German mom and a Ghanaian father.  From what some write of his early days.....things just didn't work, and the father just disappeared.  Mom ended up with an American Army officer.....who appears to have been more of an authority figure, that Denis could not respect.  Folks tend to say that Denis ended up being a frequent visitor of the local youth detention center....centering his efforts on crime.

Around 2002.....Denis had finally evolved himself into a rap guy.  He had some talent, and was noted around Berlin, and started to get noticed throughout Germany.  He was a second-tier guy.....meaning that he wasn't breaking into the top ten, and probably would never make it to the big money.

At some point, between 2005 and 2007....Denis was noted with psychological issues.  There aren't a lot of details, and you have to wonder if his drug habits or usage was helping to bring out deeper issues.

Denis finally ends up around 2010 in some car accident.  No one says much over the accident, except it was one of this "meet-up-with-death" episodes where you could have been killed so easily.  A concussion....a visit to the hospital....released.  Then Denis does this thing where he meets up with former pro German boxer, and converts to Islam.

Since 2011....Denis has been this rapper-turned-Islam-preacher.  What the German cops say now is that Denis has moved onto pop-Jihadism....glorifying the Jihad war in Syria and openly making rap-like videos for recruitment of naive Islamic kids in Germany.

Denis.....has gone from Deso Abu Talha (his new Islam name).

The German cops?  They've got an arrest warrant in the bucket and just waiting for Denis (or Abu) to return back to Germany.  You can figure that this is a five-to-ten year sentence.....if he's stupid enough to return.

So, this brings us to the attraction now of Denis and his video game over pop-Jihadism.  You throw some guns onto a video.....some dancing....some rapster comments....a few Islamic quotes....then pump up your chest and thrill these loser guys who aren't going anywhere in life.  Bad school deal.....job is a loser....where in life can you go?

ARD (state-run Channel One)....ran a public forum chat last night at 9:45pm.  Denis got mentioned a dozen times.  Most Germans sit there and shake their heads.  Loser kid drifts around in some neighborhood.  Loser kid goes through evolution.  Loser kid latches onto religion.  Loser kid wants some recognition or prophet-like status.  Loser kid is loser adult.  Loser adult wants to attract other loser adults.  For a German, there's not much else you can say.

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