Sunday, September 7, 2014

German Movie Review: Sternsteinhof

Last night, BR (one of the German state-run regional networks).....ran Sternsteinhof.  It's a 1976 movie over an era just before World War I, and some gal who runs into various man troubles.  I'd call it a tragic drama.....done in a very realistic setting, with good acting, and a four-star script.

It's a rarely shown movie.   If you watched the TV might pop up once every two or three years.  There are a number of movies in this category.....with another group of movies which get shown almost every six months.

So if you were sitting around and noticed Sternsteinhof on the nightly possibilities.....get some pop-corn and settle back for a good story/movie.  Oh, and I should note.....the movie leaves you at an epic turning point.....not going into detail over the the last year or two of this unsteady relationship that has developed, and how Toni will pass on in life.

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