Thursday, September 25, 2014

German Documentary

Last night, I sat and watched one of the regional state-run networks....HR (the Hessen Network).  The show in question?  "All Knowledge" at 9PM.

They were doing one of their global warming segments, which I usually find entertaining and always worth a laugh.

So, they put the concept of a normal German couple up....wanting their own house in the "burbs", how much property this one-family house would require, and then the carbon values of them having this one singular house.

Yeah, it was all a bad thing.

So, they wanted you to know....if you'd just give up on this idea of living in the "burbs" could live in the city instead.  In the'd adjust your life to living in a common regular apartment building with twenty other families.  You'd save the world in terms of carbon usage.

In this idealistic lifestyle....the apartment building would have ample space around it with personalized gardens, public transportation, and carbon usage would never be a problem.

The reality of this is that you end up living in a building where you have to cooperate with the others....meaning you give up some of your independence and force yourself to accommodate people that aren't agreeable with you.

The noise factor? Well....they pretty much skipped over the big problem of all apartment buildings built today....with potential noise going on twenty-four hours a day.

The garden?  Frankly, you won't find hardly any apartment building built with this luxury.  If you do find was a special project for the mayor or city council...just to prove a point.

The problem with these German documentary-style programs run on state-run that they want to tell one certain story, in a very slanted way.  They act as though the public is naive and would not question the intent of the slanted story.  All of this....under the disguise of science, or perceived global warming.


Anonymous said...

So you're an idiot, who is certain that his own believes trump those of 97 % of climate scientists. I presume you also don't go to a doctor, but rather purely self-diagnose and self-medicate when ill? Gee, you give Americans a bad name. Sad, just plain sad. Anti-intellectual and sad.

R Hammond said...

Sadly, I was one who believe in global cooling chatter in the late 1980s, and well into the 1990s. Then one day...the scientists said it was "wrong", and it's all global warming (an actual 180-degree turn). In the world of science, you just don't have magnificent turns like this occur. My doubts grew out of that little turn of events. A decade later....even global warming doesn't explain climate change gets invented.

Sadly, we were told science proved something....then proved something else differently....then proved something else differently again. Sad, just plain sad. Anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-history, and so absolutely sad.

But onto the essence of this commentary in the first place. Selling society or the public onto some logical sense of a bonded community living in harmony in some urban center, with a dozen families living in some tranquil apartment building, with fruit and vegetables growing in abundance in some community farm by their wonderful living center is a wonderful false dream that some intellectual would fantasize about. By the time you figure in these garden plots, their necessary size, and how they'd affect the planning of a normal Germany'd double and probably even triple the current square meter size of every German city. Cities like Berlin or Frankfurt would stretch on for forty to sixty miles in diameter and you'd have to tear down vast stretches of forest to accomplish to accomplish the necessary "grid".

All done of course, in defense of a comforted society living in urban prosperity and in their own tightly controlled lifestyle.