Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TUV Saving the Day Again

This is one of those German science stories that make you sit and wonder how things got to a commercial point of production.

During this summer's World Cup....the soccer folks had this nifty new "toy" that they made us of....for the series of games in Brazil.  It was a can of what you'd perceive as.....shaving cream.  Umpires needed to mark the field at times....telling players where they could or could not stand.  It was a quick moment.....marking the field with the cream, and it dissolved.

Everyone came away amazed....fantastic idea.  It came in a can and cost was around thirteen Euro.

So the German soccer league was going to do the same thing.  But the TUV guys got involved.  TUV investigates just about everything that you want to introduce into Germany.  It's a government agency that checks out flashlights, cars, aircraft, motorcycles, etc.  So they got some cans of the stuff.

Oddly enough.....they came back and said.....it contains parabens, which relate to the cosmetic industry.  And, it actually disrupts hormones in some fashion.

Plus, it has some ingredients which if exposed to fire.....flare up.

Naturally, this was a pretty big negative for the TUV guys, and the whole idea of introducing the same stuff to German soccer.....end right there on the spot.

The soccer league guys?  Well....I've noticed that they've kept kinda quiet since this came out, and probably are wondering who the heck started this gimmick and how it was allowed into the World Cup games without some discussion.

And why add this stuff related to cosmetic industry?  Why add the flare-up ingredients?  That's a curious question.  You'd think that a guy with a great idea like this shaving cream stuff.....would have done some simple research, and made sure it was all pure and environmentally safe.

So, TUV.....as much as everyone hates their intense checking of new hardware, or equipment.....taking weeks and weeks to evaluate an item.....saves the day once again.

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