Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crime in My Local Region

This is one of those oddball German business stories....a missing trailer with twenty tons of walnuts.  Yeah....walnuts.

So, this is how it unfolds.  About two hours north of Wiesbaden, along A44 (the autobahn), is a point where truckers can pull off (a rest-stop of sorts).  So, this Turkish truck, with walnuts, pulls up, and the driver leaves for an hour.

The driver returns to the same spot, and the cargo is gone.....the whole trailer.  Value?  German cops say around a quarter-million Euro.

The German cops spent the evening driving around and looking for the trailer, but no luck.

What they tend to suggest is that it's awful odd.....leaving the trailer at that point, coming back an hour later, and it's gone.  So, they suspect insurance fraud.  Proving this?  It'll be next to impossible, unless the driver screws up on his story or there's some telephone records found showing him calling a cellphone in the local area around the time he parked the trailer.

What do you do with twenty tons of walnuts?  This would be somewhat difficult to guess, but my humble opinion is that middle-guy could take possession of the truck, and bag the twenty tons to sell around holiday season in Germany at the Christmas markets.  Find a dozen guys....bag the whole truck into two-kilo bags....then sell them for cash.  The original guys get their insurance money (if proven) and the middle-guy likely makes at 100,000 Euro off his game after he pays off his helpers.

Yeah, finding twenty tons of pressed to the top ten cop priorities of the week.

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