Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Sign in Wiesbaden

Based on newspaper reporting....my local town of Wiesbaden has pushed up a priority for the city council and the planning folks.....finding friendly and private places for women to breast-feed kids.

Yeah....they'd publish some list....probably build an "ap" to lead you to such places, and advertise such discrete locations where it'd be OK.

In some ways, it's the Americanization of Germany.  Forty years ago....some German woman would be shopping with some young kid and need to breast-feed.....so she'd stop in some city-park, or sit on a bench somewhere in town....and just do it.  German guys wouldn't say much.....mostly because the only guys walking around in the middle of the day were retirees.  Everyone else was working.

It's not that way today, and women who happen to be somewhere where a need to breast-feed is necessary....will likely comment to German political figures that they feel "gazed-upon".  How often does this happen?  I walk a lot....around various German towns and cities.....and since July of last year....I'd say I've come across five women who were breast-feeding (one on board a local train).  I don't frankly care.  I see a thousand times that many women dressed in slutty outfits and that's way bigger of a topic than this breast-feeding stuff.

So, you can imagine the hours and days wasted on this.  A couple of interns....a couple of city officials....walking around and asking coffee shops if they can allow a private curtain or wall to go up and help these poor ladies.  Burger King, McDonalds, and various shops will be approached and asked to "go friendly" for breast-feeding.  Certain areas of city parks might even get cornered off, with some environmentally friendly curtain for these type situations.

Yeah, I think it's a waste of time....but frankly....it's better they waste it on this than finding new things to get the public peppered-up on or disturbed about.

In the months to come....prepare to notice these little signs around Wiesbaden and comfort yourself....that they are getting themselves more accustomed to the American view of discreetness and avoid public views of boobies.

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