Sunday, September 21, 2014

German Churches

 Over at the Hessenpark (30 min north of Wiesbaden)....they have two authentic churches from the 1800s.  Both were dismantled, and put back up in the park.

It's interesting to step inside of a structure designed in the early 1800s as a village church.

What you have is a staircase deal pulpit, where the minister would climb up six to eight steps, and do his talking from very limited wooden platform.  You basically had to make sure you didn't throw your hands around and do any foot action, or you'd end up on the floor with a concussion.

There's a table in the front of the room where you could throw up some candles or religious objects.  And there's room for a couple of singers in the that side of the room.

The rest of the building?  There's a built-up area around the room for people to stand above the crowd on the ground area of the structure.

At best?  I'd take a guess that a hundred people might have crammed themselves into the structure.

The artwork?  All saints and probably were part of the weekly service.

All in all.....there's a lot of carpentry skills that you to note as you stand there.  Some guys put a lot of effort into the structure, and they did it with manual labor and just an eye for detail.

Heat?  Well....I didn't see anything that was going to put out heat and you pretty much had to accept being bundled up for two or three hours on a cold day.

Anyway....if you had some time and wanted to observe the lifestyle of a German in the 1800s....I strongly recommend the Hessenpark.

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